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The Song:

"Bicycle Race"
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Sung by: Freddie Mercury
Song Length: 2:57
Appears on: News of the World, Live Killers, Greatest Hits

The Single:

United Kingdom:

Released: October 13, 1978
Double A-Side: Fat Bottomed Girls
Chart Position: 11
Weeks On Chart: ? (11/12)

United States:

Released: October 24, 1978
Double A-Side: Flick Of The Wrist
Chart Position: 24
Weeks On Chart: 12

The Lyrics:

The most accurate, up-to-date lyrics for this song are provided courtesy Queenwords.

The Story:

"Bicycle Race" was written by Freddie Mercury in France, just after the Tour De France pass by his hotel.
It was released from the Jazz album as a double A-Sided single with "Fat Bottomed Girls" worldwide.
To promote the new single, Queen staged a bicycle race in Wembly Stadium to promote the new single.
However, this turned out to be no normal event. Instead, the race featured nude women as the racers!


This sound file is one of the few popular songs transcribed into MIDI format by Toshiya.

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