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The Song:

"Don't Stop Me Now"
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Sung by: Freddie Mercury
Song Length: 3:29
Appears on: Jazz, Greatest Hits

The Single:

United Kingdom:

Released: January 26, 1979
B-Side: In Only Seven Days
Chart Position: 9
Weeks On Chart: 12

United States:

Released: February 20, 1979
B-Side: Flick Of The Wrist
Chart Position: 84
Weeks On Chart: 4

The Lyrics:

The most accurate, up-to-date lyrics for this song are provided courtesy Queenwords.

The Story:

"Don't Stop Me Now" was the second and final single that was released from the 1978 album Jazz.
Although it was a top 10 hit in the UK (unlike the previous single) and is generally regarded by most
as a highlight of the album, the song failed to make a signifigant dent on the internataional charts scene.


A great MIDI file of this song is available for download.

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