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The Song:

"Bohemian Rhapsody"
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Sung by: Freddie Mercury
Song Length: 5:52
Appears on: A Night At The Opera, Greatest Hits, Live Killers, Live Magic, Live At Wembly '86

The Single:

United Kingdom:

Released: October 31, 1975
B-Side: I'm in Love with my Car
Chart Position: 1 (for 9 weeks)
Weeks On Chart: 17

Re-Released: December 9, 1991
Double A-Side: These Are the Days of our Lives
Chart Position: 1 (for 5 weeks)
Weeks On Chart: 14

United States:

Released: December 2, 1975
B-Side: I'm in Love with my Car
Chart Position: 9
Weeks On Chart: 24

Re-Released: February 6, 1992
Double A-Side: The Show Must Go On
Chart Position: 2
Weeks On Chart: 17

The Lyrics:

The most accurate, up-to-date lyrics for this song are provided courtesy Queenwords.

The Story:

Bohemaian Rhapsody was Queen's trademark song. At nearly six minutes long, EMI originally refused to release it.
However, after Freddie got it played on the air, the public demand was simply too great, and a single was issued.
"Bohamian Rhapsody" became Queen's first #1 hit. In addition to the UK, the song made it to the top of the charts
in countries such as Australia, Holland, and New Zealand. It was also the band's first song to go top ten in the US.


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