Non-Album Queen MIDI files

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Note: I'm currently missing some of these MIDI files, so some links don't work. I'm working on recovering them (January 10, 2009).

As of January 14, 2009, I've recovered several MIDI files, which are now available. However, there are still 10 MIDI files missing. If you have any of these, please e-mail

January 21, 2009 - I'm happy to report that nearly all MIDI files have been recovered. Now only four are missing.


Year Song MIDI
1974 See What a Fool I've Been
1980 A Human Body
1981 Soul Brother
1984 I Go Crazy
1989 Stealin'
1989 Hijack my Heart
1989 My Life Has Been Saved [RARE*]
1991 Lost Opportunity
1991 Mad the Swine
1995 Rock in Rio Blues


Year Song MIDI
197? Hangman
???? The Fairy-Feller's Master Stroke
19?? Dear Friends [Instrm]
1979 Love Of My Life
1993 Somebody to Love [Edit]


Band Song MIDI
The Cross Liar [Edit]
The Cross Breakdown [Edit]
The Cross New Dark Ages [Edit]
The Cross Hands of Fools [Edit]
The Cross Heartland [Full]
Larry Lurex I Can Hear Music
Larry Lurex Going Back
Smile Doin' Alright
Smile Blag
Smile April Lady
Smile Polar Bear
Smile Earth [Full]
Smile Step On Me

Dream of Thee [RARE*]
Flash [RARE*]
Maybe Baby [RARE*]
No-One But You [RARE*]
Reaching Out [RARE*]
Since You've Been Gone [RARE*]
Starfleet [RARE*]
Thank God It's Christmas [RARE*]
The Wedding March [RARE*]
Roger Taylor / The Cross Medly [Edit]
Side Black Medly

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