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The Song:

"Seven Seas Of Rhye"
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Sung by: Freddie Mercury
Song Length: 2:48
Appears on: Queen, Queen II, Greatest Hits, Live Magic, Live At Wembly '86, Queen Rocks

The Single:

United Kingdom:

Released: February 23, 1974,
B-Side: "See What a Fool I've Been"
Chart Position: 10
Weeks On Chart: 10

United States:

Released: June 20, 1974,
B-Side: "See What a Fool I've Been"
Chart Position: Did not Chart

The Lyrics:

The most accurate, up-to-date lyrics for this song are provided courtesy Queenwords.

The Story:

Seven Seas Of Rhye was the first single by Queen to make it into the British charts, and it went top 10!
The song was released after Queen played it on Top Of The Pops, and it also charted in New Zeland.
A heavy song, Seven Seas Of Rhye is included on Queen Rocks and established Queen as a rock band.

The word "Rhye" is not found in the dictionary, and is believed to be a fairy kingdom made up by Freddie.


This is a VERY RARE file. This MIDI is the only one on the internet that includes the vocal harmonies for Seven Seas of Rhye. You can download and listen to this rare version Seven Seas of Rhye here.

Just see the differnece by comparing it to the regular and more popular version.

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