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The Song:

"Now I'm Here"
Written by: Brian May
Sung by: Freddie Mercury
Song Length: 4:11
Appears on: Sheer Heart Attack, Greatest Hits, Live Killers, Live At Wembly '86, Queen Rocks

The Single:

United Kingdom:

Released: January 11, 1975
B-Side: Lily of the Valley
Chart Position: 11
Weeks On Chart: 7

United States:

Not released in the United States

The Lyrics:

The most accurate, up-to-date lyrics for this song are provided courtesy Queenwords.

The Story:

Now I'm here was the follow-up to Queen's first major international sucess in the singles chart: "Killer Queen."
It was written by guitarist Brian May to celebrate Queen's first tour while he was in the hospital for Hepititas.
"Now I'm Here" was the first song written by May that charted. All others before it were by Freddie Mercury.
The song was released only in Europe, and it became a huge success as well as a staple in Queen's concerts.


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